We have double, double-single use and triple rooms.
- Their decoration has been curated in every detail. All of the objects have been chosen one by one: referring to Morpheus, the capricious god of sleep.
At the top of our priority list is the daily cleaning of the rooms checking the linens and towels;
- Each room has it's own bathroom:the sanitary white is highlighted by the marine green mosaic of the floor and walls.
- The presence of the scale helps, to control eating and drink even while traveling.

The pictures by grandfather painter and art teacher make the ambiance even more special.
Linens and towels are fresh and clean.
The television is a digital flatscreen.
- The internet connection is as to be expected: open and free of charge, through WiFi up to 20 mega.
The climate control of the rooms is autonomous and independent. At any time of night or day, in any season, the temperature can be adjusted and customized independently by our guests.
- With a modest premium, the well-stoked mini-bar does its part.